One of the requests we get it to teach clients to do the side split. As an overview, very few people get the side splits: those who do can be grouped into the naturally gifted, some gymnasts some dancers, some martial artists.

The secret behind cool difficult skills is that you need to use the cool difficult skill.

A lot.

And practice.

A lot

Good drivers drive, gifted musicians play and practice, artists draw. To be good at something, you need to become it and do it a lot. Gymnasts, Dancers and Martial artists use the straddle. It makes sense.

To flip this,  you are what you do. You will do what you commit to do. If you want the side splits, you can no longer sit hunched up. You need to “Man Spread” when you sit, stand in a gentle split when you wee or wait for a bus.

The more your legs are apart, the more reasonable the idea of the full splits will become.

Put another way, you’ll get good at the splits, by building them, where possible, into your life.  Even if it’s not a big split, the less crunched up and huddled you are, the better.

On a more spiritual level, the nastier and the meaner you are, the nastier and meaner you will become.  The lovelier you genuinely are, the lovelier you will become.