Every day, someone, somewhere, cannot hold a handstand.

and they probably whine about it.

They probably blame others, they probably blame poor shoulder flexibility, poor core and flabby loose buttocks. The reality is that they should blame their lazy lack of practice.

By the time you have been to a few gymnastics strength or tumbling classes, or for that matter, our general Crossfit classes, the chances are that you have will enough technical info to attempt a handstand.

You’ll know that you can do the dish to strengthen your core and get a rough shape and that wall walks help and all that sort of stuff.

For the next 30 days, you are going to do something radical. Every day you are going to practice.

Not for an hour, or  45 minutes of 30 minutes or 15 minutes. or 10, or 9, or 8. Forget 7 minutes.

5 minutes is waaaay toooo looong.

Not 4, or 3 or 2 minutes

For the next 30 days we are asking you to commit to 30 seconds of free-standing being upside down, “Free standing”. Everyday.

So kick up and try and hold a handstand. It could be that you need to kick up to a wall and carefully pull your feet off the wall…. maybe you can hold that free standing balance for 1 or 2 or 5 seconds. maybe you hit a sweet 10 seconds. Simple accumulate 30 seconds of free standing balance, be it 30 sets of 1 seconds.

if you want more, try 60 seconds.  Don’t confuse this with the fantastic strengthening exercises out there. Wall walks are great, inverted L’s buttock squeezes. All of these are great, but, you have to practice the balance too

Obviously, it has to be safe. Do you have a safe, clear wall to kick up to, a clear space so you can bail out. If you cannot “get up there” get some tuition and find out how.

And stop bitching: its just 30 seconds!