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StrongFest 2017 Roundup

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StrongFest 2017 was just over a week ago, and hopefully you’ve all stopped aching by now. It was a fantastic day with phenomenal atmosphere, and that’s down to the attitude and efforts of the participants, so thank you to everyone who was involved. A personal highlight was seeing people get deadlift PBs on the axle bar, a feat I thought not just improbable, but impossible; shows what the pressure of competition can do.
I’d like to make a special mention to thank the volunteers who helped out on the day. Not just CFL coaches, but members who came to help out, and Krystal and Sylvia from Dawn and 1971 who offered a hand on the day too. I can plan and organise down to the finest detail, but without hands on deck these kind of events just couldn’t happen.
Final Scores
You only know how you did compared with the others in your group, and as a result a few people have asked for the individual scores and standings, so here they are.
Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 13.13.49
** Tiebreak WOD C total**
**Tiebreak WOD C total**
Moving Forward
StrongFest was designed to be a community event for the local Boxes, and a way for the East London Boxes to get to know each other a little better. I think we all came away from the day with a few extra Instagram friends, and a guaranteed familiar face if we want to go visit another gym. See you all again soon, hopefully, before next year’s event.

IMG_5463 IMG_5456

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