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Strongman Conditioning


CrossFit London has one of the longest running and best equipped Strongman classes in London. You’ll be hard pressed to find another facility that has atlas stones, sleds, prowlers, axle bars, logs, handles, kegs, T-bars and ropes all under one roof, and then add to that all the usual CrossFit equipment to boot.

The problem, however, is that we make you jump through a lot of hoops before you’re able to participate (8 Level 1s in total!). Eight hours is a lot of investment of your time and money to be able to attend our Strongman classes.

IMG_8244Strongman in simple and we’d like to keep it that way: awkward objects, over distance, quickly. So we’ve decided to simplify the process.

First, we’ve done away with the Level 1.8, and instead will be incorporating fundamentals teaching into the classes.

We’re also getting rid of the “Level 2” label, which means you don’t need to be a CrossFitter (or complete our Level 1 classes) to join in. Just like MetCon, anyone can drop in and you can bring your friends to try out a class.

Finally, the name and format. In the new “Strongman Conditioning” classes, expect all the same awkward, gassy workouts (those who have done the CrossFit and Strongman beginners, may be able to go a bit heavier) but you’ll all be doing the same workout. You won’t find Olympic Lifting, high-level gymnastics IMG_7662or things which take a lot of drills before you start; that means classes will run faster, with more hard work crammed in.

You can join in the classes with Carolyn on Tuesday at 18:30 or Saturday at 11:30 with Kat. Any questions, feel free to e-mail: support@crossfitlondonuk.com.


Adult gymnastics at Crossfit London in Bethnal Green

They used to say that Gymnastics  was only for gifted children of the right size and flexibility.

To an extent its true.

If you want to be an olympic  level gymnast, pray that your parents like gymnastics and book you into a child class.  You need to start gymnastics early.

Very early.

If you  are over 18, can cope with the fact that you wont make the UK gymnastics team ( unless the standard drops.A lot)  and you think gymnastic moves like the  back flick, front and back tucks handstands are cool, then you, as a clunky uncoordinated adult, may have found the ideal place to go to learn.

Situated in Bethnal Green E2, 65 seconds from the tube station ( possibly 82 seconds if you dawdle) is a team of gymnasts and trickers who delight in teaching adults how to flick and tumble ( and planche and lever).

You have to learn basic drills, (because everything is basic), and attend classes regularly ( because its about regular practice), and accept the obvious risks that go with jumping in the air and trying to flip upsidedown. Obviously we have super comfy bouncy castle to flomp on (“flomp” may not be a word BTW), but its easy to twist and ankle.

You need to accept that.

If you do, this could be your starting point. Our team gets terrified adults through the basics in level 1, then pushes you on to a multi skilled level  2. We then guide you to either train 121  with the instructor that you like , or work  in small groups with other of our like minded trainees, or  we signposts you to other more advanced gymnastic facilities ( we have informal groups who  go together to venues like The East London gymnastic, which is an amazing facility once you have some basic skills and know how to train)

We offer a great and supportive service ( that hopefully you’ll outgrow), that will get you started.

If you want to “tumble”  click here for our adult Gymnastic classes

If you want static Gymnastic Strength click here

Here is a sneak peak at some of the basic drills  you will learn.


Wednesdays Work Out: brought to you by Stringray

As the words say, In Bethnal Green E2… Stand by for action! We are about to launch Crossfit ( change stingray for “crossfit”) …. Anything can happen in the next half (full) hour.


Wednesdays agenda: cleans, squats, Jerks, box jumps along with a little extra personalisation from each coach: andrew added a bit of P bars, Carolyn her beloved Toes to Bar. Tell us in comments what nasty twists the other coaches did!

a nervous queue for the P bar walk and hop

a nervous queue for the P bar walk and hop

Final WOD 6 push jerks, 12 Box jumps x 5: awful.

So, you train at a “normal gym”?  Really? Why?

Start your Crossfit London journey today. Click here and learn more