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Problems with your kipping pull ups and Double unders?

kipping and double unders

There are 2 skills you need to excel in a CrossFit class.

They are the kipping pull-up and double under’s.

To be honest, to learn them takes a while.

However,  that learning needs to be based on several drills that you need to know. Once you have these drills, it’s sort of easy!

Knowing the drills helps your self-practice,  and you’ll get more value out of the  Crossfit London warm-ups, where we drip feed skills practice in every mesocycle.

However, drip feeding individual drills can be helped if you can see all the skills in a single session. It also helps the coaches who don’t have to teach from scratch in an action packed class.

On Sunday we have a special “1.9” session at 9 Malcolm Place  E2 where you’ll be taken through the basic kipping drills and double under procedures.  It will boost your performance and is as good as a PT session ( just shared with 7 other people)

THE SMALL PRINT: you must bring your own  skipping rope

As an aside, if you have an i pad you can get our special double under  App for free.

This class is on the booking system for this Sunday at 10.30 am. Click here to book your space or visit the MBO  booking system.

If you cannot make this session,  why not approach your favorite trainer and organise a PT session?

Subject to take up, this may become a regular class!!


22/11/15 Our week at Crossfit London

Monday was  cold, fun and cool. It was a week where our amazing members did amazing things

Laetitia’s Gymnastic strength class  attracts  some very flexible people12241324_1043915432325229_851394299463559471_n

Andrew’s Tuesday level 1 gymnastic class always gets a bit dose of homework with video hints and tutorials, so its always worth looking at the blog posts to get that goodness.

Our tumbling (adult gymnastic programme goes from strength to strength as we continue to effectively teach adults how to do the best gymnastic movement they can do: if you have poor shoulders,  dubious co-ordination, but a passion for gymnastics ( combined with parience and an eye for the long game), we will find a way for you to do those cool moves


Matteo explains the importance of thinking big and Jumping

Lunchtime was a bit of an emotional roller coaster for coach kate when she found out that that Jeroen (Jay) is leaving us for Belgium she wept when she heard Daniel and Stella are off travelling soon!!



Throughout the week, a lot of  clients sort out Andrew and kate ( or “Mum and Dad”) to have their poor arms, or legs or butts  trigger pointed or dry needled. Its always worth sticking a poorly limb under their noses. There may be a quick fix!

We were able to announce  a special double/triple under masterclass on the 19th December  for those with skipping issues check  it out. Its the best £20 you’ll ever spend.

Poor Anna  tweaked her back on Wednesday during  accessory conditioning, so we are sending her lots of love! Get well soon.

Next Sunday sees Kate and Fabian attempting to step into the fantastic place of Phil Rolling who  put sunday morning classes  on the map. A  well deserved promotion at his (proper) job   is stealing all his spare time.  He will still be at class and self training!!

For those interested in our relocation and expansion  plans, Kate  and Andrew will be doing show arounds next weekend  for the more curious of you. Details will be on the Facebook group

Novembers group programme was all about Olympic lifting. Decembers programme is on the (secret) Facebook group. Check it out. If you are a regular member and use Facebook, send Andrew Stemler a PM and he will add you.

Back stage there is a bit level 3 consultation going on. How to support our elite athletes and team?  More in future reviews.

In the meantime, Led by Paul,  our amazing strength athletes continue to do amazing Strongman stuff……..


and ofcourse, our general Crossfit Classes are packed with the best members in London. Its an honour to have you along. You are why we are here!


Double under with Agnes at Crossfit London

Do you want some double unders?  If you have double unders, would you like a triple under? Book your place on the double/triple under master class on saturday 19th December 2-4pm (see below for overly specific (fussy) time tabling issues).   Only £20


I think you should be able to do a single skip to attend!

Did you fancy working on the triple?


who is Agnes


check out her facebook page


Book your space on her Crossfit london Double/Triple under Masterclass 19th December.  The initial plan is to have a both sides open with a warm up/practice area and a teaching area: Agnes will teach  the beginner lesson in 10 Malcolm place 2-3pm while the more advanced ones practice in 9 Malcolm place  or sneak and sneak a  peak at the class. At 3pm the groups switch over. THAT SAID: it does depend on those who book: If  we have  more beginners we may  skew the timing a bit into 3  x 40 ( 2 shorter beginners sessions and 1 advanced……Im probably muddling this a bit, but at £20, it will be well worth it!

If you want some more info, email Andrew

In the meantime, get the FREE Double Under  App designed by Coach Kate, featuring  Coach Carolyn