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CrossFit: the gift that keeps on giving!

We all know CrossFit is the best. If you’ve stumbled onto this blog post, odds are you’ve already drank the cool-aid and are neck deep in your function fitness journey with CrossFit London. But we all know someone who would love it, if only we could force encourage them to give it a go.
In January 2018 CrossFit London are launching our all new CrossFit Fundamentals course at a special January price, so there’s been no better time to kick-start your journey into better health and a join an amazing cult community of supportive, like-minded friends.
The new beginner’s programme consists of four sessions sessions led by our team of dedicated trainers. You can read all about the revamped course and what is consists of here.
If you know someone who’d like to give CrossFit a go, for January 2018 only there are two pricing options specifically to cover all the Fundamentals classes.
CrossFit Fundamentals: January Special £40 (usually £120) 
CrossFit Fundamentals + CFL tee/tank: January Special £60 
Either of those options purchase 4 sessions which will cover all 4 Fundamentals classes. If you’d like to sweeten the deal, the £60 option also gives the new member with a CFL t-shirt or tank on their first visit.
Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 23.21.52Please note, the CrossFit Fundamentals options cannot be used to book any other class type.
You could obviously just give your chosen recruit cash, but nothing says “you can buy whatever you like, so long as it’s this specific thing I want you to have” quite like a Gift Card.
If you follow that last link it will take you to the Mindbody Online website, where you can load a gift card with the amount needed to cover the Fundamentals classes. From there you can either print it off, or email it to the recipient to arrive on a specific day. Once your friend has opened it, all they need do is open an account, email in their gift card number to have it credited to their profile and then start their CrossFit journey.
And just like that, you have one more person who willingly wants to listen to you talk about your snatch.
If you have any questions, or would like to know more about gift cards or the CrossFit Fundamentals classes please email support@crossfitlondonuk.com.