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i-course 30th June

For years we have  struggled to get the ideal “catchphrase” for Crossfit London. Sure, we have “the hallmark of elite fitness”, but really, what does that mean?

Today, by accident, I think we hit upon the phrase that really sums us up.

It’s not “work out till you puke!”,  or “tuff to the core!” or “lift big!” , or any of those macho things.

It’s this :  “kind and helpful”.

It’s kind to support individuals and recognise where they are: equally it’s kind to commit to teaching them the skills they need. Sure it’s easy to tell women they don’t need to pull up, or inflexible lumps that they dont need to develop a perfect squat.

It’s easy. It’s not kind.

Kind is setting the standards that will get you physically through the remander of your life with dignity and self dependance. Kind is  providing you with the best facilities to get the skills you need. Kind is showing clients the right and correct path, and  following it.

Kind is teaching Crossfit.

Helpful is something else we have specialised in for years. We break things down (at our Levels 1 and 2) and coach you point by point. Learning how to squat is like any task: it’s a series of things strung together. Until you’re shown the parts, and where they fit and how they stick together, you dont really know what to do.

Helpful is giving you drills to help you learn. Helpful is feeding back to you and telling you what you did right and what you can improve, and how to improve it.

Helpful is how we teach Crossfit

Today saw the return of Andrew Stemler to the public teaching schedule after  a year of injury. This basically meant that the morning zoomed by in a cascade of  infectious enthusiasm, matched only the witty and cool teaching style of the excellent Rachel Entwhistle in the afternoon. They were supported by Allen Vistan throughout the day, with guest appearances by Phil Rolling, Kate Pankhurst and  Katerina Berceliova

The participants were marvellous, and learned lots on a quite hot, but action packed day.

At the end of it, they agreed. Crossfit London. They are helpful and kind.

What else do you need to become elite?


Are you on the next i-course?

The  Crossfit London i-Course is one that has stood the test of time.

As the UK’s first affiliate it was our responsibility to spread as much Crossfit love as we could in the early days. We had fans spread all over the Uk, so we designed away that those who wanted  to could take their 1st steps into Crossfit skills in one day.

8 years later, its still going strong and for many its an ideal 1st step into Crossfit skills. The i-Course, apart from having stood the test of time, is accredited by Skills Active and REPS ( it  awards 4 CPD points for  the morning and 3 CPD points   for the afternoon).

Fitness entusiasts are joined by personal trainers and the simply curious to train with some of the best Crossfit teachers in the UK. Many of our trainers are revoltingly well qualified and are stupidly passionate about sharing their skill sett.  They  combine this  with their core desire of  wanting to be good teachers ( and working hard at it) .

It  means that the clients who attend this course say they have a great time.

It was a delight to read Maria Murray’s review of her experience on the i-course. Maria runs a great blog at The diaries of  A tough Muvva and was kind enough to publish this review.

We hold i-Courses on a regular basis, so you really ought to grab a place.  But, feel free to check out some of the other icourse write ups,

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The price is £115. Its super fun, super good. Our next one is at the end of June and there are still a few places left. Grab one by clicking here

I-course 3/3/13

Another group of top trainees soldiered through todays i-course led by a women dominated training team:

Katarina, Carolyn,  Rachel,  Kate and Sally with help from Teeny Kat, Darren and Phil delivered a fabulous series of well thought out drills that helped the attendees grasp the mechanics of moves as far ranging as  the snatch, the muscle up, and handstand push ups.

As a result we had  a crop of muscle ups popping out at the end of the day, and some great performances in the closing (optional) workout.

As always , our learners include fitness fanatics, sport scientists, military folk, and trainers. For trainers attending,  the course has the extra bonus of carrying  2 sets of CPD points ( if you dont know what this means… don’t worry).


The i-course is a fabulous 1 st step to  incorporating Crossfit into your training regime. For the aspiring  Crossfit trainer, its a great opportunity to experience a drill based environment, and get a handle on those essential fundamental moves before moving on to your level 1 certification.

Grab  your place on the next course asap

Well done everyone