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Sorting out wrist pain

tim wrist pain

Wrist pan is awful and frustrating. It makes  you sit out workouts  you  know  could thrash, but cannot,  because  the moment your wrist bends back (extends) you are in agony. It also hurts. Hence the use of the term, PAIN.

 Here are several avenues for you to explore with our trainers to sort this issue out.

1) You probably  need to do more mobility work in your upper back: get to see anyone in the mobility  team (Kate Pankhust, Sui Wong, Jenny Nim ) they all know that the  nerves that come out of  your spine can effect the way your wrist feels.  Knots in your upper back, thoracic immobility can really hang nerves up. Read this interesting article and get a session booked with them .Obviously they will look into your naughty rotator cuff,  further down your arm, your forearm and your wrist .

Obviously if you’ve been diagnosed with a contagious neck  and upper back eating illness and wrist plague,  take your doctors advice. However,  if you suspect that years of hunching over your computer has locked up  your upper back, get it mobile. Obviously shoulder, arm and wrist massage,  needling , flexibility , taping, retraining can all help.

 2) All our training team  can get you to strengthen up your firearms: Strengthen the flexion of your wrist, think wrist curls and squeezing tennis balls. Preferably your own.  Think , strong forearms, think Popeye forearms.  Our trainers will tell you how!

 3)  In class, reduce the amount of time you spend in  wrist flexion ( think  push up position).  Think about push ups and burpees  on dumbbells or paralletts, . We bought them , you should use them

 4)  Crucial ! Get a review session booked  with one of our amazing trainers and sort out your front squat, your push press and  your thrusters. The key to driving stuff off your shoulders, without wrist pain,  is a violent extension of the hips first and WHEN THE BAR IS MOVING , and only then ,  you  get your  full hand around it and you  press.

If you start your press  with your hands before your hip has kicked into the bar, you are simply driving the force into  your wrists, and slowing a powerful awesome movement down. Get your coaches to review. If you have wrist pain, this is probably what you do.

 If you chat to most of our trainers, I’m fairly sure they can do a quick 30 minute PT for £20,  £25


Its what we don't do that makes us better trainers

Some of you may know that we have very high standards of training and training ethics. We have an obsessive focus on form, a a passion for health and safety, and a burning desire to improve our knowledge base so we as trainers can improve, and of course our clients get, probably, the best service in London.

Our active members  may have gathered that this weekend, some of our trainers were in Manchester ( we had to cancel a few classes! Sorry) They were  getting the catalyst system under their belt, and hanging out with the amazing Mark Beck from Crossfit manchester.

Over the last year I forget how many professional courses our trainers have been  are on. Me and Sally are wading through DTLLS, Joe his PT course, Katarina  is  finishing her MSc in sport management, Joe and Tim did the strong man course, Kate and I went to study with Stuart McGill, Kate finished her “app making” course:  Kate and I dissected another cadaver with Julian Baker.

I think we find our trainers  are in demand ( as people who run  our classes and Pt’s) and this is why.

We study, we learn ,we improve and share. we practice,  we train,  we reflect and fix  human movement , with an eye  firmly on the ethical literature.

Thats the Crossfit London team!

Other Trainers take a different approach : they go to  events and training course like this (Ive changed some of the phrases)

“PERSONAL TRAINERS – WANT amazing CONFIDENCE NOW!  AND £6k+ by the end of July?

All I need you to do, is believe, Yes Believe  that you can earn £6 k by the end of July ?

Just because your expectations are LOWER,  This DOES NOT MEAN YOU CANNOT!


Here is WHAT WILL happen when you sign up with “Wank-toss” Mastery: £6k in 30 Days and7 weeks “turbo charged”  marketing coaching.

1. Boost your confidence from DAY 1 – Mind HACK….. this allows you to move onto step 2.

2. Rapid Lead Generation within hours (generate loads of leads IMMEDIATELY after our first starts “”cascade” Our unique power lead system, where you get potential clients to talk to by using FREE and PAID methods (high return on investment.)

3. Power Package Sales
NO MORE selling your services per session. I will have you selling BIG package sales from day 1 £1000+.

4. Dominate TIME

With more leads and clients pouring in,  we get you to manage your time…no burnout in the WT programme

I will expect you to hit AT LEAST your 6k Target within the first 30 days and then we go upline from there

What you get…… ( list of shite, hanky, free motivational  cioaching call……. blah blah

PM me NOW!
PS. Please only apply if you are 100% committed to making £6k by the end of month. If you are not, it won’t happen!”

UM, Er, not much room left to develop your actual skills!!

Ask yourself this question. If your trainer went on an 7 week course, is this what you would like them to come back with????

Do you want your doctor, solicitor, builder approaching you like this?

It not only what the Crossfit London team do that makes us great: its what we don’t do!!

If you need a personal l training service, check us out!

Chipper Time

Saturday 11th December 2010

After warming up we did some skills and drills. Muscle ups. A much debated movement. In the gymnastic world a simple functional movement for getting from the floor in to the rings to start a routine.  In our normal world, a highly mystical combination of massive strength, skill and agility etc… Or is it? With a few simple progression drills Naim popped out his first muscle up and continued on doing so until told to stop showing off! Alan and Colm too made some great progress.  Others got their first taste of a scaled muscle up. Well done to you all.



20 Burpees

30 KBS

40 Jumping Squats

50 Press Ups

40 Jumping Squats

30 KBS

20 Burpees


All done for time with lots of scaled options. Jenny and Kirsty were worthy of note with times sub 12 minutes.  Edd was worthy of note for doing it completely unscaled.  Top work.

Crossfit London Crimbo Party

Over this weekend I will be sending out emails for you to make your menu choices. Please get them back to me as soon as.

But to remind you of the itinerary. We aim to be sat down in Izniks for 4pm to eat.  Afterwards we will reconvene in the Highbury Barn Pub, about 6.30pm, just opposite (15 Highbury ParkLondon N5 1QJ)


Now if you are unable to make the meal feel free to drop and have a drink.  We will be there to about 8.30pm. This is when we conclude the Crossfit London Uk Crimbo Party. BUT for those of you, includes me, who want to go on somewhere else to continue partying, hang around.  Make sure you bring your dancing shoes!