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The rowing skill class

Do you feel and look like a demented chimpanzee when you try to row?

It’s ok, many people do.

However, on  Sunday 20th March at 1 pm at Crossfit London, we are staging a 1-hour technique rowing skills class where we will teach you:

  1. The “pick drills” . The fundamental learning process used by all competent rowers. Easy to learn easy to practice
  2. Drag factors. You need to assess each rower every time you get on it. The Drag factor does that!  We will teach you how to work out then set the drag factor .
  3. Stroke rates. Most untaught people try and do way too many strokes per minute. This exhausts you and makes for an inefficient pull. Let us fix you.Bookings open on 14th  March and are charged at your normal class rateOnce booking open you can use this linkIf you don’t currently have a CrossFit London membership, you’ll still be welcome to attend. Email Andrew@crossfitlondonuk.com and I’ll talk you through the process!

The session will be led by Andrew Stemler, the founder of Crossfit London with help from Morane, Millie, and Jim, all  X university rowers!

Be prepared to be “social” after the session that will probably last longer than the advertised hour!!