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Strongman Conditioning


CrossFit London has one of the longest running and best equipped Strongman classes in London. You’ll be hard pressed to find another facility that has atlas stones, sleds, prowlers, axle bars, logs, handles, kegs, T-bars and ropes all under one roof, and then add to that all the usual CrossFit equipment to boot.

The problem, however, is that we make you jump through a lot of hoops before you’re able to participate (8 Level 1s in total!). Eight hours is a lot of investment of your time and money to be able to attend our Strongman classes.

IMG_8244Strongman in simple and we’d like to keep it that way: awkward objects, over distance, quickly. So we’ve decided to simplify the process.

First, we’ve done away with the Level 1.8, and instead will be incorporating fundamentals teaching into the classes.

We’re also getting rid of the “Level 2” label, which means you don’t need to be a CrossFitter (or complete our Level 1 classes) to join in. Just like MetCon, anyone can drop in and you can bring your friends to try out a class.

Finally, the name and format. In the new “Strongman Conditioning” classes, expect all the same awkward, gassy workouts (those who have done the CrossFit and Strongman beginners, may be able to go a bit heavier) but you’ll all be doing the same workout. You won’t find Olympic Lifting, high-level gymnastics IMG_7662or things which take a lot of drills before you start; that means classes will run faster, with more hard work crammed in.

You can join in the classes with Carolyn on Tuesday at 18:30 or Saturday at 11:30 with Kat. Any questions, feel free to e-mail: support@crossfitlondonuk.com.


Large Loads, Long Distances, Quickly – Crossfit Strongman

Sick of only possessing ‘table tennis strength’?

Had enough of people in the office sharing the lulz at the expense of your tiny biceps?

Then fear no more.  We are here to help get you to the top of Mt Bicepius, to get that Big Back Stack, to have the grip strength of Popeye.

And ladies, this isn’t just for the meatheads.  Get yourself booked in to our strongman classes, the best in East London.  As the PC amongst us would say, this is for the strong ‘person’.  We had a demo run and Coach Kat was handling  heavy weight the same way she handles Level 3 classes (with no mercy).

The carry over benefits of Strongman training are immense.  Check out the top 33 reasons to start Strongman training.


Crossfit Strongman will start this Sunday 15th September at Malcolm Place at 12.30pm.  We will be covering the skills of Atlas Stones (long sleeves would be good) and Farmers Walks.  Over the following weeks we will cover a number of key Strongman skills as well as introduce a number of assistance work that will help not only with Strongman but also with Crossfit.

The class is open to all Level 2 and 3 athletes.( changed in 2017: open to all)

 As CT Fletcher says “just picking s*$t up!!”