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Fix Your Stiff Shoulders With The Bridge – King Of Stretches

Stiff shoulders? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We can thank our industrial ancestors for our poor shoulder mobility, being shoved in front of a desk as soon as we’re able to speak.
Luckily, there’s a remedy. In comes the bridge. Not only does this open up the shoulders, it builds the core, and is a great milestone for shoulder flexibility.
As with all streches – and any goal in fact – we work things up one step at a time.

  1. Warm up your shoulders with some mobility exercises – you’ll learn some examples in our flexibility shoulders class.

After your shoulders are opened out a bit, you’re ready to take the bridge for a test drive.
All bridges start in the prep position. Hands by your ears, heals at your backside.
For the first progression, grab hold of a partners ankles – less of an ask for your wrists and adds stability. If your shoulders need some work start with your partners legs wide.
We’ve got a bonus here – your partner can hold your shoulders to take some of the weight.
But good lazy. Once your elbows are straight and shoulders up enough you can let the support go.
Now we’re onto the floor. Same prep position. The closer together your feet and your hands the harder it gets.
A partner can again support your shoulders/neck/lower back etc – but by this stage you should be OK on your own.
That’s it! Head over to flex class for ml ore progressions and pointers on why your bridge might not be working.
Til then, stay chilled, go with the flow and keep up that little-&-often stretching.