Training going forward…

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Hello humans of CFLDN

We love you and care for you, so we have suspended access to the box until we get the “OK, GO”, from the government to hold hands again 🙂 Now, more than ever, we need to take hold of our values: Togetherness, support, brother-and-sisterhood, optimism and courage. This is new for us all, “but what we do now, will echo in eternity”

We at CrossFit London are going to continue with our passion, so you can enjoy yours. Building better humans, one rep, one lift, one air squat, one self-made positive thought and one vegetable at a time. For all of you who have had the opportunity to train with us, you will know that this is a do or die time for CFLDN too and we cannot make it through this time without you nor do we want to make it through and be without you.

We love this community and will give our all to keep it together, but we need to stand shoulder to shoulder with all of you who are able to do so. Please stick with us, and ensure we have a box to return to at the end of these crazy times. Our plan is to deliver a gold-standard online experience while access is suspended.

As from Monday 23rd March all members on unlimited and 3x per week memberships will be put onto our online plan of £120. This means that if your debit order comes out your account DURING the time our site is closed, you will only be charged 120 pounds and not your usual full amount.

Those of you on carnets will have your memberships paused ready to resume as soon as we reopen and are more than welcome to sign up to the online programme. Subject to numbers and interest, we’ll be able to cater for a greater range of classes.


Within this rocking plan;
Relevant, whole food, immune boosting nutritional advice;
Monthly bookable 1:1 or small group training advice;
From Monday- Saturday we will have 8 daily fun coach led, interactive classes available for you, which will be live, online through the app ‘Zoom’

These will be 3x CrossFit classes per day, Mobility to start and end your day, Core and Pump, along with your advice for nutrition and powerlifting slots from coach Alex and his magnificent brain.

The link below is the download page for ‘Zoom’ you can also download the app from the
app/android store on your phone.

You will receive a KEY which consists of a numbers, every day through a WhatsApp group to join in the class online.
If you do not wish to be part of this group, please kindly email us and we will remove you.


We will be offering all members a chance to hire 4 pieces of equipment from the gym, including Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Skipping rope, Ab mat.
Saturday from 11h00-14h00 and Sunday 10h00-12h00 only.

At reception there will be a ‘sign out sheet’ and a deposit of £50 CASH will be payable, and will be returned to you when the pieces have been returned.

These are very uncharted territories for us as a team, so please bear with us if we have a few mishaps during the first week, but we will be giving you our best to remain and train as a community while being loved and supported all the way during these challenging times!

We hope this means we’ll get to keep seeing your smiling (sweaty) faces and you’ll get to see each other on a regular basis, keeping our community’s heart pounding.

Together, we can do this.
We are CrossFit London.