CrossFit SE11

CrossFit SE11


You can use your membership at both CrossFit London and CrossFit SE11!

Our sister gym in Vauxhall, London offers the same quality coaching and friendly atmosphere.

Welcome to Crossfit SE11 your local Vauxhall Crossfit gym. We are ready and waiting to turn you into a genuinely fit and functional human being.  We accept you simply want to look good naked  (and who doesn’t), but, we have bigger and better plans for you. We will make you faster, fitter, stronger  and more skilled than you have ever been before.


We will do this by

  1. Teaching you the basic CrossFit regime
  2. Developing your pure strength with our periodised strength programmes
  3. Teaching you how to Olympic lift
  4. Teaching you gymnastics.

Our aspiration is for you to waft into any physical arena and be able knock out some pull ups or muscle ups, maybe kick up to a handstand maybe  do a handstand push up, lift heavy weight (beautifully)  and clean and jerk weight above your head.


Visit the CrossFit SE11 site here