My name is Matteo, and I’m an Italian tricker and gymnastic coach for Crossfit London. ‘Tricking’ is the short name for acrobatic martial arts: a blend of four different sports creating a new discipline used more and more in TV and film. The four sports are taek-won-do, gymnastics, breakdance and capoera.

Qualified as a tricking coach in Italy and a gymnastic coach in Britain, I’m currently working through my Personal Trainer Level 3 at the YMCA.

A saying that’s always worked for me is “If you don’t understand life, have a look from the other side”. I learned to look at the world
upside down, and my life is now better and happier! I tried my first gymnastic moves on grass lawns when I was about 22. By then I already had 6 years of experience in breakdance, and only had a rough idea of what to do – but it was so much fun!

At age 25 I decided to quit breakdancing and focus all my efforts into tricking, and I got results. This is a late age to start, as most start much younger than I did. But age is just a number when you bring passion to your sport. There is no obstacle that good practice and perseverence can overcome – whatever your age!

I really enjoy teaching gymnastics because I love seeing my students learning and having fun in class. It reminds me when of when I first began gymnastics myself;  and when I see someone land a new move –  I feel happy as it was my first time too!


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