If you’ve come to a few classes chances are you appreciate the value of having support in your training. But why do we need a helping hand as human beings? Here are some tips to help you out:

1. 86400. That’s the number of seconds in a day. And if you do a training session just going through the motions that’s 3600 seconds you will never get back. Make sure every second you are progressing the most you can

2. Making mistakes yourself sucks. The advantage of learning from others is they have done it before, failed before and can save you the stress, time and possibly injuries. Failures are natural and useful but the more you can second guess the faster you can go

3. We are programmed to survive and reproduce. That’s the only thing our instinct helps us do – everything else we learn. Trouble is, we have every opportunity to learn the wrong way as the right. Getting support means you receive the right information
4. Life is hard. We get tired, in motivated, that lure of a party invite when we know we should be training. The more this comes up, before you know it you’ve fallen out of habit. Get someone who cares you being there as much as you do and you will keep doing the thing you love.

5. Which brings us to our last point – people you pay pay attention. This is more about getting support of a class or coach compared to a friend. You want someone who cares you progress more than you do or the interactions can be sporadic or unsustained. Paid help means both of you get serious.

Whether it’s in a class or 1-1, getting support takes more guts than going it alone and can be the smartest thing for your Crossfit and gymnastics.

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