Crossfit London is the United Kingdoms’ first affiliate, and indeed, the 8th in the world.

We were established in 2005, and have literally expanded from a rear garden in Stratford to a 5 arch fitness complex in Bethnal green

Our core values are quality of movement combined with the pure joy of movement.

Currently, our classes range from pure CrossFit classes, less skilled metabolic conditioning classes (“MetCon”), mobility,  strength gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, and powerlifting.

We are always looking for committed full and part-time trainers to maintain our current offering, and indeed expand it.

Our clients enjoy the challenges of fitness, so are interested in any type of fitness activity that enhances their well-being, adds to their skill set, and frankly, is super fun.

We are open to short term experiments to test new class types

If you’d like to discuss developing your career with us, or simply being a go-to cover trainer, teaching a few classes a week drop  an email to arrange an informal chat in total confidence.


If you are a personal trainer looking for a space to train your clients, or you have a class type and need space, do check us out.