Checkout our Yoga classes at Crossfit London in Bethnal Green E2, open to both regular Crossfitters and those interested in yoga.
Yoga is amazingly powerful. It :
• improves recovery
• enhances mobility and so better alignment of the joints
• moving more efficiently
• relaxing the body and mind
• better sleep quality
• enhances detoxification and digestion
• better endurance in unilateral and bilateral poses
• improves balance, and specific muscle strengthening
• better body awareness
• improves respiratory awareness and efficiency

Our  Yoga classes are taken by Liz Marland

After studying BSc Sport and Exercise Sciences at Birmingham University, she  taught and coached overseas for 12 years. She gained valuable voluntary and sport development experience in South Africa and qualified as a PT and massage therapist whilst there.

In 2011 she found CrossFit and began coaching with her  L1 in 2012. After competing in a team at Regionals two years running, and being competitive as an individual athlete as well, she experienced her fair share of injuries and imbalances. She continued to develop interest in helping other athletes and office workers to find a better life balance and becoming stronger.

In 2019, back in the Uk, she  took my L2 and felt more curiosity in the effects of yoga and meditation on the body and mind. So she took her yoga teacher training, in Bali, and has loved the effects yoga has, on a personal level, and also in the ways it can help  athletes / office workers, and more.

If you want some more information about working with Liz , email