Kids Gymnastics (Tumbling) Classes

For ages 8 to 12, you may find our general Kids  Tumbling Classes ideal for those who want to learn how to tumble. That means the front and back handspring, the front and back tuck,  the round off and  hopefully  linking them all together.

Our classes run at railway arch 3 Gales Gardens, Bethnal Green E2 0EJ. Parents/guardians are welcome to watch or hide in the kitchen. See panel left for location details.

Classes are currently at 4.15pm (to 5.15pm) on Thursdays. Classes are limited to 11 participants.

Currently we run a level 2 meaning that we assume your child can forward roll, kick up to a handstand and do something resembling a cartwheel.

The Summer term runs:

Thursday 19th April to Thursday  19th July ( with 1 week off for half term)

Costs are £84 a term/course.  The price is per course, not per session and limited to a first come, first served basis. If you are unable to make one or more sessions partial refunds are not available.

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