This week’s program

What’s in store in our Crossfit classes at Crossfit London?

Week Overview: 

Monday – HSPUs & The ‘C’ Word. 

Continuing to master our upside-down selves for this week’s HSPUs. Before it’s Carolyn’s turn on the benchmarks. The format and scoring of this benchmark is one we rarely see so pick your own adventure on the weight and see if you can beat your power output!

Tuesday – Long WOD Day

Back to our higher skill longer WOD this week and we’re including high box jumps, and kettlebell snatches as everyone’s new favourite… PULL OVERS! There are some spicy cals thrown in there for good measure too. Enjoy!

Wednesday – Front Squats & Lunges! 

A 2% increase in weight this week on the Front Squats to keep them nice and spicy as we build your strength. Then onto 5 rounds of burpees and overhead lunges. Because, as world famous Coach Michele Letendre said recently…. “Burpees: if you’re not doing them 3x per week do you even do CrossFit?”

Thursday – Snatch & Sprint. 

Back to our heavy snatches for our Oly lifting this week with some snatch balance practice to start. Then it’s a sprint triplet of rowing, v-ups and shoulder to overhead. This is one of those where you can go out fast and just try to hold on! Lovely! 

Friday – Pistols, Skipping & a Heavy WOD

New variations this week as we bring in bands to help with your pistol rebounds and we see if you can skip backwards! The WOD is designed for you to test your heavy squat cleans under fatigue… perfect for the end of the week!

Other News:

  •  Don’t Forget! Put these in your diary!
    • Friday Night Lights: 25th August – Starting the last Bank Holiday Weekend off right with a big FNL and drinks at 3CT. 
    • Summer Sunset Throwdown: 23rd September 
  • Lost Property – It’s that time again when we clear out the lost property bin in reception. So if you’re missing something, claim it before it’s too late!

If you have any questions, grab me around the box or drop me an email at

Have a great week!

Coach Mark

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