And is a magical word

by Andrew on February 27, 2015

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The new report from the Journal of Applied Physiology “Change in weight and body composition in obese subjects following a hypocaloric diet plus different training programs or physical activity recommendations”  is an interesting read

Its conclusion is this:

“when combined with a hypocaloric diet, exercise training and the following of physical activity recommendations are equally effective at reducing body weight and modifying body composition in the treatment of obesity”

The experiment tested strength v endurance v endurance and strength, There was apparently little difference between the group.

However, what is lacking in this experiment is the value beyond obesity.   Loosing weight healthily , is a good thing! Being active is good, being strong is as good.

Its  better  to have it all!

Today the Crossfit game started,  proving, once again, that here is something about the word “AND”.

Its great to look good, and be strong and be skilled, and be gymnastically competent , and be clever and be nice and be  a great father, and be a nice person…….

Strength OR endurance? Its a lousy choice.

Strength And Endurance is “well better”


lent challenge Day 10/46Friday 27th

by Andrew February 27, 2015 Articles

FISH: during Lent , Friday is fish day. Veggies and fish. No meat! today, its fish. Fish. Task: is to guess what the task is! Yes, well done: its eat fish today. Learn how to celebrate. If every time you achieve even the smallest goal or task, you did a celebration, the chances are that […]

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Lent challenge 9/46 26 February

by Andrew February 26, 2015 Articles

The weighing machine: Once a day for the rest of this challenge you must weigh yourself , otherwise you won’t be able to assess and understand  the impact that exercise activity and food control and has on you . Of course the greedy and lazy  will be out in force saying how awful this is […]

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Lent Challenge day 8/46

by Andrew February 25, 2015 Articles

THE HEAD LEAN today we start  by adding the finishing touch to our neck routine  with the Head lean. Put you hand against the side of your head and push for 6 seconds. Maximal effort, but nothing moves: do both sides Tomorrow we will add this to a cute little Head work out to make […]

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Vitamin D if you want to buy: sunlight is for free

by Andrew February 24, 2015 Articles

According to a Spanish Study, there is a connection between Vitamin  D deficiency  and type 2 Diabetes. The highlights of this new study are “People who have low levels of vitamin D are more likely to have diabetes, regardless of how much they weigh, according to a new study. Vitamin D helps the body absorb […]

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Lent challenge 7/46 Tuesday 23rd Feb

by Andrew February 24, 2015 Articles

Its day 7 and you are doing an amazing  job. But are you celebrating each success? CELEBRATE There are a lot of mini challenges on the Lent challenge. Each time you achieve  a little challenge ( 10,000 steps,  a little diet change) congratulate yourself: say, Go me, punch the air. If you are english, nod […]

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