We had another of our  3 hour Olympic weightlifting masterclasses today. We had great fun. We had a mix of trainer and  “normal” people that made the session really fly.

Apart from analysing different types of squat faults and their fixes, we also got to consider the drawback with certain teaching methods and contrasted and compared the standard “big chest” squat method with the  “safer” neutral spine model that doesn’t force clients into over extension.

That said, we all saw the value of taking someone with a flexion error, through an extension error series of drills to end up in the more neutral position. We also got to see, that sometimes, in the bottom position of the snatch, that fighting for a big chest is the only way of properly delivering and maintaining  the correct form. This wasn’t an either or debate. Often sport requires you to take calculated risks.  Its understanding those risks , and that the issues exist. which is crucial.

We also got to look at various fashions in lifting, and I hope we demonstrated that , certainly for the 1st few years of your lifting career, focusing on the basics is king. Over my lifting life Ive had guru after guru attempting to raise one aspect of the lift to be more important than the others: a thigh bang is crucial., the double knee bend is essential,  lean right back at the top is the only way  to snatch.

All nonsense!

The only reason that   a guru can persuade you to focus on one particular aspect is because a hard working teacher, like us,  has taught you the basics.

The secret to olympic lifting is  the basics, the key positions ( that are agreed by all)  and hard work. By  teaching you the basics, we give you an assessment model so you can see what needs to be fixed.


Today it was a pleasure to be joined by trainer Chris Heron and a group of really nice, thoughtful awesome people.  Guys, it was great to share 3 hours with you!

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