Accessory conditioning was back in full flow this week after a few weeks of lighter more technical based sessions, to help some of our athletes through the 2014 CF open and first stage of the London Box Battles.

Now it’s back on!! With some of you competing throughout the year, periodization and programming is going to be key in helping you avoid injury and over training, whilst making sure you peak at the right times. Those not competing…well this is still a great opportunity to improve and build a stronger base for the things you do enjoy in life.

Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening classes. A.K.A Accessory Conditioning.
These classes are designed to help give you that extra body conditioning you’ll need to help you complete your CrossFit Athlete armor.

Classes will be run with various elements such as gymnastic skills including HSPU/ HS walking/ Parallel bar work/ GHD movements and Classics like DUS/ ropes and Pistols. Classes will also include the more body building style movements such as bicep curls, shrugs, Latt Raises performed in a traditional routine (Pyramid Sets etc.) or as a circuit. These classes are designed to help add to your body armor and give you transferable strength between classes and WODS. So if that CrossFit atmosphere, structured training and expert guidance is want you want and feel you need. Come along on Tuesday mornings @ 7:00 & Wednesdays @18:30 This is your year.

Using Accessory conditioning:

The AC classes only run twice a week therefore it is unrealistic to think that only attending this one session is going to make huge improvements to your gains throughout your week or even year in CrossFit…BUT what it does give you is more knowledge, practice and insight into how to shape your body to be the best it can and needs to be to achieve your goals in life.

Using AC you’ll be able to develop those extra bits needed to help you through a WOD and structure a self training session.

So now you need to ask yourself:

“Why do you CrossFit?”

Hope to see you all soon.


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Heroes & Girls: Wednesday’s 1730 at Gales Gardens.

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A class specialising in Crossfit’s classic benchmark WOD’s, the “Girls” – such as Fran, Grace and Helen. But also the long and arduous one’s (and therefore rarely programmed) like Eva and Chelsea. We also try out the memorial WOD’s known as “Heroes” eg Daniel, Josh, Dan etc. named after Crossfitters from the services/forces who have […]

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