We added a new type of class to the schedule: its the “guest Olympic weight lifting Instructor class” We know loads of interesting Olympic weight lifters who are happy to come along and share for an hour and this will be your opportunity to gain extra perspective on the lifts by working with some of the “names” in British ( and other Countries) Olympic lifting.

1st up on this new class is David Mannion. I his own words:

From the age of 17 I have been doing weight training and weightlifting:

I became British Students and British Universities champion in Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting in 1984
I was at one time North East England Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting champion in the years 1982-84.In the last 10 years I have been involved in weightlifting in the London and South East region:
I was British Masters Champion 2007, 2010 and 2012 and came 5th in Europe in the European Masters in Kusadasi, Turkey 2013.
I passed my IWF (International Weightlifting Federation) Category 2 Referee exam in July 2013.

I am the Treasurer to BWL London and South East division.
Finally I passed my BWL Level 1 coach exams.

I am a life member of BWL.

He will be at Crossfit London on Sunday 5th October at 1.30 to deliver a 1 hour class on this subject

How to train hard for a competition.

What exercises help to improve your personal best clean and jerk and squat snatch?

A 6-week cycle of training to help you reach your maximum at a competition.

What warm would you adopt in a competition to achieve your best total when attempting your 6 lifts.

What referees look at when passing or failing a lift?


High pulls: clean and snatch grip. Clean from the hang and snatch from the blocks.

Push jerk and jerk from behind the neck.

Snatch balance

Jerk from the racks.

Its on the class schedule so you can book here  ( after the 5th of september)


Then we threw Shauna over the bar…

by Andrew August 30, 2014 Articles

There are very few things left for people to do once they have finished their shoulder circuits, held the  dish, dish rocked,   held the plank  and dragged the plank. Of course you need to  parallel bar walk, shoulder hop and chicken wing dip. Obviously. But then, it would be rude if you didn’t slip […]

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Gymnastics: The Introduction class. “Bungie jumps are for Pussies”

by Andrew August 29, 2014 Articles
Thumbnail image for Gymnastics: The Introduction class. “Bungie jumps are for Pussies”

Where do  the Cool people go on Friday night. Its simple Friday night.  6pm . Bethnal Green:  3 Gales Gardens. For the Crossfit London  Introduction Gymnastic classes led by Andrew and Luke. The class prepares adult learners to begin the process of tumbling by teaching the handstands, rolls, ( forward and back) cartwheels and those […]

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Tribal Clash

by Andrew August 29, 2014 Articles

Introducing the  Crossfit London Tribal Clash team:  Anthony, Alexis, Kat and Tommy! WOO HOO

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The team: your role

by Andrew August 28, 2014 Articles

Tonight was special. It was special in an unspectacular way.  It was a simple schedule change. Nothing miraculous. No fanfare, No “Taa rah”. It was merely an  extra level 4 class in Gales Gardens. Level 4 is our team class. Its where those who want to compete and represent what Crossfit London is about go […]

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Training for Murph 2: The weighted vest

by Kate August 21, 2014 Articles

Sign up now! We’ll be doing it on Sunday 9 November Remembrance Sunday, at 9 Malcom Place (Bethnal Green gym E2) Click the big red “Murph” button on the right of your screen. ‘Murph’ For time Run 1 mile 100 pullups 200 pushups 300 squats Run 1 mile Partition the gym moves any way you […]

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