FAST: Recognise stroke

by Andrew December 10, 2014 Articles

The faster you can obtain medical attention for someone having a stroke, the better. Here are the signs from a famous public information campaign. You don’t need to be an expert to recognise these signs  and call 999 This film uses an actress. Think if was your mum or dad or your partner, or a […]

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Put it back!

by Andrew December 10, 2014 Articles

We have an amazing range of stuff in our gyms. Whilst we don’t have any body building machines we have ropes, and skipping ropes, and rings and racks, bands, kettlebells,  dumbbells, mats boxes, parallel bars, air-tracks, spring boards, cages, chains, clubs, weighted vests mobility stuff,  boxes of t-shirts, tyres, sledgehammers, atlas stones, sledges: its  a […]

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The Recovery position: The Crossfit London 1st aider campaign

by Andrew December 9, 2014 Articles

One of the essential skills you need  when helping a casualty before proper help arrives is the ability to put breathing casualties into the recovery position. I think this video  shows this move quite nicely. Everyone should learn basic 1st aid to safeguard their friends and family ( and strangers for that matter)

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Should Crossfitters apply 1st aid?

by Andrew December 8, 2014 Articles
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Crossfit philosophy is full of interesting themes. One the most interesting is the concept of training to cope with unforeseen challenges. Many fitness regimes develop competence by focusing on a specific move in  a specific repetition range. Many of my body  builder and aerobic sports friends, pretty much know today what they will be doing […]

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The history of exercise: Nobbing

by Andrew November 11, 2014 Articles
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One of my many tasks is to review exercises of old. I have a massive library of ancient training books, so,  when i get a minute I see if i can find an interesting exercise. It is my unique pleasure to bring “Nobbing” back to the world of exercise. I can only hope it takes […]

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