Any one who knows anything about Olympic lifting, Crossfit and the infamous Outlaw method will have heard of the inspirational Spencer Arnold.

He will be running an olympic weightlifting Camp at  South London based Crosfit SE11 in August 8th 9th, 10th

Get your tickets Here

If you get  a credit card problem, email [email protected]

The time table is an action packed 2 and a bit days

Friday, August 8th

6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.: Lifting Session- Snatch and CJ

Saturday, August 9th

11:00: Snatch Warm-up and Teach Snatch Positions
1:30: Lunch Break
2:30: Lecture: The Importance of Weight Distribution in the Feet
3:00: Snatch Position Work and Lifting
5:30: Lecture: The Early Arm Bend: Why It’s Bad and How to Fix It
6:00: Close and Q and A

Sunday, August 10th

11:00: Review Snatch Warm-up and Perform Each Snatch Position
11:30: Jerk Introduction, Warm-up, and Progression
12:15: Jerk Technical Practice and Auxiliary Exercises
1:00: Lecture: The Hips Don’t Lie: Bar Track for the Dip and Drive
1:30: Lunch Break
2:30: Clean Warm-up Session: Specialized Warm-up
2:45: Teach Clean Position and Perform
3:45: Full Clean and Jerk Together
4:15: Lecture: Biomechanics of a Weightlifter
4:45: Final Q and A


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